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May 31st, 2010 - Jens Axboe's blog — LiveJournal

May. 31st, 2010

09:12 am - Last Day at Oracle

Today is a strange day. It's officially my last day at Oracle, but
since I handed in everything on Friday, I already feel disconnected
from the team. Test equipment is gone and without the VPN box, network
connectivity has also been shut down. When you work from at home
every day, internal irc becomes the virtual office. So while I'm
sitting in the same chair that I do every day, it still feels different.

I joined Oracle in October 2006 and I've enjoyed working there
very much. It's a great place to be and I can highly recommend it
to others. The Linux kernel group is compromised of some really
good guys, I will miss them a lot. Thankfully this is the world
of open software, so I know that I'll be seeing them at
conferences in the future.

Tomorrow I will join Fusion-IO and enter the world of fast flash
storage. I'll be keeping my Linux kernel hat on, so from a community
stand point not much will change. I'm excited about also working
on a real physical product that you can hold in your hand. I will
now finally be able to show my sons what it is that dad is working on,
which is a great feeling. And family and friends, for that matter.
Or perhaps not, but at least a pci-express card is more tangible
than esoteric bits of software that you cannot even see when
you're in front of the computer.

I'm sure it'll be an exciting time!

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